BeeBee Leaf Wraps - 5 Pack - Marrakesh

BeeBee Leaf Wraps - 5 Pack - Marrakesh

Our Price:  €30.47

Brand:  Bee Bee
Size:  Large - 33 x 33 cm
Organic:  ✅
Material:  Organic Cotton
Country Of Manufacture:  United Kingdom
Vegan:  ✅
Sustainable:  ✅
Plastic Free:  ✅
Responsibly sourced:  ✅

Have you ever felt guilty about throwing away cling film or food bags?

We have the perfect alternative! These beautiful, reusable food wraps are not only sustainable but also Vegan friendly. They come in three different sizes and will keep your lunch or leftovers fresher for longer.

REDUCES FOOD WASTE- While plastic packaging retains moisture and contributes to food rotting faster than it should, these gorgous food wraps will alow moisture to escape, keeping your food fresher for longer.

REDUCES PLASTIC WASTE- Replace rolls of cling film with these handy wraps. BeeBee & Leaf take their eco friendly ethos icredibly seriously, ensuring that ALL of their materials are responsibly sourced.

MADE IN THE UK WITH FAMILIES IN MIND- In supporting BeeBee & Leaf, you are supporting a small British Business. You can count on this brand for food safe,family friendly food storage solutions.

Vegan, Zero Waste Food Wraps

Featuring patterns to help you feel good in the kitchen, these beautiful reusable food wraps are the perfect solution for anyone who finds themselves throwing away much too much cling film or food bags. Unlike many food wraps out there, these ones are Vegan friendly so suitable for all! With five wraps in a variety of sizes in this pack, there is a wrap for any dish, from a single aubergine to a sourdough loaf. Light-weight, reusable and sustainable alternatives like these ones make it easier than ever before to reduce food waste and live sustainably.

You'll never have to feel guilty again when you throw away that last bit of cling film or plastic bag because you can reuse these over and over again! And with such gorgeous designs on offer they'll be sure to add some style into your kitchen too! So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some today!The beautiful designs on this natural product are inspired by riads and souks around Morocco and will look seriously stylish in your kitchen.
Pack includes:

  • 2x large wrap (33 x 33 cm)
  • 2x medium wrap (26 x 26 cm)
  • 1 small wrap (18 x 18 cm)
  • BeeBee & Leaf is a company that make reusable, sustainable food wraps- and you may have seen them on Dragon's Den! They have been providing beautifully designed and crafted products to homes across the UK and Europe for years, beginning when the founder, Kath, decided she wanted to reduce her own family's plastic use. The mission of Beebee & Leaf is to reduce plastic pollution by making it easy for people to reduce their single-use clingfilm use in their kitchens. Their stunning range of wraps can be used to store your leftover food- roll them up tightly, seal with an elastic band or sticker, then store them in the fridge until you're ready to eat again! They are made of quality materials and they are completely washable so they will last for years to come.


    1. I've heard of Bees wax wraps. If these are Vegan, what are they made of?

    These wraps use plant based materials in place of Bees wax, and you can rest assured that everything is vegan and responsibly sourced. The wraps themselves are made from organic cotton, and in place of beeswax, Sumac wax and Rice bran wax give that waxy outer.Resin is responsibly sourced from sustainable Pine forests, using a tapping process rather than cutting down trees. This resin helps achieve the grippy texture that lets your wraps mould to your food.

    2. Can I use these for fish or meat?

    These are not suitable for raw fish or meat. They are perfect for bread, salad or leftovers though!

    3. How long do these wraps last?

    This depends on how often you use and how you care for your wraps, but you will likely find that after 1 year, the waxy coating on your wraps begins to fade. But fear not, as you can rewax them when this happens, and get many more years from your wraps!

    4. How do I use and clean my wraps?

    Your wraps can be used just like cling film, wrap or roll them round your food. The big difference is that rather than throw them in the bin, you can wash and reuse these over and over! Wash gently with a soft cloth in cool, soapy water. You can soak them for a little while to remove hardened food. Drip dry on your draining board or hang out to dry. Keep them away from sources of heat!

    5. Do they really keep food fresh?

    Because these food wraps allow your food to breathe, we've found they can actually be a great deal more effective. They won't retain moisture like clingfilm or plastic packets do, so these food wraps help prevent food wate as well as plastic waste.

    6. Can I use these to cover food I am reheating?

    Leaf wraps are not designed for use when reheating food and must be kept away from sources of heat. Heat will damage that lovely waxy covering on your wraps.

    7. How do I dispose of my food wraps when I'm finished with them?

    You can easily rewax your wraps when they need it, and BeeBee and Leaf have tutorials on how to do this. If you'd prefer not to, you can also compost or burn as a firelighter.

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