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The best beard products for every beard need, including beard oils, beard wax, shaving kits and beard balms. Maintaining your beard doesn't have to be difficult. Our beard products help promote beard growth and with beard grooming to give you an awesome looking beard. All products are made from premium and all natural ingredients, we only bring the finest beard products that are budget friendly and cruelty free to give our customers a positive experience. Because we know you only deserve the finest beard products.

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Beard Gift Set
€44.38   €38.84
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Airmid Green Man Beard Oil 1
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Beard Oil, Wax, Balm and Other Essentials

Beards have been a man’s best friend since time began, for reasons as varied as heat, fashion and protecting the mouth from the elements. Facial hair care was especially important to the men of Mesopotamian civilizations, who took great care of their beards. They used beard oil products and fashioned their beards with ringlets, frizzles, and tiered effects.

To replicate the indulgent grooming products of times past, we would highly recommend using beard oils which are based on jojoba carrier oil which nourishes beard and moustache hair with vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin E, copper, and zinc, and has a thick consistency ideal for thicker body hair. This makes it not only an excellent beard conditioner, but also a powerful skin moisturizer.

Smokey Jones Conditioning Beard Oil is based on jojoba and is delightfully ‘reminiscent of Cigar boxes, Wood fires and Whiskey’ with a combination of Cedarwood (which also promotes hair growth if you suffer from a patchy beard) and Benzoin scents. Oh, and did we mention it’s also vegan and handmade from 99% organic plant oils.

If you have beard itch, sensitive skin (not limited to the skin underneath your beard, but also on elbows, hands and chapped heels) or beard dandruff, Lyonsleaf Marshmallow Soften & Rejuvenate Facial Oil is an absolute must for your beard kit. It's quality ingredients include powerful carrier oils avocado (an epic conditioner) and calendula (which is antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial). This miracle care product comes in both scented and unscented versions and for the tiny price tag on this absolute beard collection must-have, you’ll just be sorry you didn’t snap it up sooner.

The company that really takes the biscuit for overall excellence in quality beard care products and reasonable price though, is UK company Norse. This trendy new beard co. keeps things nice and simple. Their range of handmade beard products contains two scents: Woodsman and Citrus. Woodsman is for the man who wants a sandalwood beard that combines a growth serum (Cedarwood) and reinvigorating skin care (peppermint, sandalwood and tea tree) for an ample and healthy beard.

Citrus is for when you need a little extra pep in your step. Top notes in this oil or balm combo feature lemon and sweet orange, which together boost energy, alertness and mood. Tea tree and cedarwood are an added built-in remedy for hair loss and beard rash.

The great thing about Norse’s range is that your chosen scent comes in both balm and oil form. The balm acts like a styling beard wax, the oil is a beard softener. And you can buy both together in a gift set any bearded man would love!

And as if that wasn’t enough, they’ve got wash time covered too – their inexpensive and vegan solid beard shampoo bar contains charcoal and no parabens whatsoever!

And of course, moustaches need shaping and beards need to be the Big Green Tree Excellent Beard Care Kit does exactly what it says on its reusable tin. It contains a beard and moustache comb, a beard balm from their statement VIRTUS range and a guide to best practice for beard care. Another excellent gift idea!

Look no further for quality products for all your beard care needs. It’s All. Right. Here.