Bath bundle

Bath bundle

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Agnes & Cat Himalayan Bath SaltsAgnes & Cat Himalayan Bath Salts
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Brand:  Baba Me
Dimensions:  20x15x8 (cm)
Weight:  0.5Kg

  • Natural mineral salts to nourish and detoxify.
  • Unscented.
  • Hand packaged in the UK.

Agnes + Cat Himalayan Bath Salts

Natural unscented bath salts to calm your mind and detoxify your body.

Agnes + Cat bath salts are packed full of natural minerals that help relax your muscles and draw toxins and impurities out of the body.

Each type of salt has lightly different amazing natural benefits:

  • Himalayan salts are well known for their ability to help you to detox. Calming the mind and releasing toxins from the body.
  • Epsom salts are perfect for easing stress, relaxing tired or strained muscles and eliminating toxins. They are also great for encouraging a good nights sleep.
  • Dead sea salt is particularly good for hydrating, exfoliating and regenerating the skin as well as releasing toxins and can be very soothing for sensitive or irritated skin.

These natural bath salts are hand packaged in Sheffield and come with a wooden scoop you can use as a measuring tool, making them a lovely gift as well as the perfect treat.

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