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Ultra Soft Socks Made from Bamboo

Shop our great range of bamboo socks from ethical clothing brand Thought.

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Thought for Men gift
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Thought Kitty Bamboo Cat Socks
Thought Rosa Bamboo Socks
Thought Jacinda Striped Bamboo Organic Cotton Blend Socks
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Thought William Bamboo Multistripe Socks
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Thought Matilda Bamboo Check Socks
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Thought Perry Bamboo Sportsman Socks
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Thought Jacob Bamboo Rugby Stripe Socks
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Thought Lyman Dog Bamboo Socks
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Thought Thaddens Bamboo Globe Socks
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Are socks made from bamboo any good?

Our feet are two of the most important parts of our body. They get us from point A to B and they should not be neglected. One thing we can do to take care of our feet is to wear the appropriate footwear to protect them from anything that causes harm and injuries. Everyone has different needs but in a few circumstances, there are a few things to keep in mind. For example, if you work long hours and your feet are encased inside your boots for extended periods of hours, you may end up with mushy, smelly feet. This foot condition can easily be prevented by using the right socks at the right time.

Benefits of Socks Made from Bamboo

Super soft and gentle bamboo socks have plenty of benefits to offer. Bamboo has natural antimicrobial, antifungal and hypoallergenic properties. It’s such a great material that more and more companies are using bamboo to make socks and other clothing items. Also, bamboo trees are considered to be some of the world’s most sustainable and renewable resources. There is no need for herbicides, insecticides and other harmful chemicals to grow them. Bamboo trees also absorb huge amounts of CO2.

These socks are great on your feet. They are comfortable to wear and provide gentle cushioning to your feet. These levels of comfort can be maintained easily in all types of weather conditions compared to other fabrics. Bamboo is breathable so wearing socks in the summer can keep your feet dry and moisture-free. Your feet will also remain comfortably warm in colder weather conditions if you wear these socks.

Socks made from bamboo are particularly great for those suffering from sweaty and smelly feet. As mentioned, bamboo has antimicrobial, anti bacterial and antifungal properties. Apart from that, bamboo fabrics used in these socks are great at wicking out moisture and they are breathable. These natural bamboo properties also help reduce odour-causing bacteria.

Comfortable Socks Made from Bamboo

One of the most popular makers of socks made from bamboo is Thought. Thought is a UK clothing brand offering eco-friendly clothing items like socks made from bamboo.Thought men and women bamboo and organic cotton blend socks are a real treat for the feet and perfect for everyday wear. The cotton rich bamboo fabric makes these socks super soft and comfortable to wear. Thanks to the natural properties of bamboo they have great moisture wicking abilities and help to maintain a constant comfortable level of body temperature. Plus bamboo is naturally antifungal and antibacterial so no more smelly feet.

We really think these incredibly soft socks are the best breathable bamboo socks you can buy. They are ethically made from sustainable materials and they’re great for your feet too. We have both mens socks and womens socks.

We love the vibrant fun designs with contrasting toe, heel and cuff detail on these socks. The ankle socks are perfect to wear for exercise or with a pair of pumps and the men’s socks are the perfect weight to wear for work or play. Womens bamboo socks are good walking socks as well.

The gift boxes are a great gift for any time of year and the boxes are really just as stunning as the socks themselves.

A little bit more about Thought

It's not often you find a company who are so passionate about caring for people and the planet in every area of their operations.

  • They have an animal welfare policy ensuring animal welfare for all their animal-derived products.
  • They are committed to only using organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) meaning a better deal for farmers and the environment.
  • They use only Azo-free dyes without harmful carcinogens making their clothes safer for the producers and you.
  • They design their clothing to last and encourage customers to "wear me, lend me, mend me, pass me on. We firmly agree that fashion shouldn’t be disposable after all these are precious resources no matter how sustainably sourced and made.
  • They design thoughtfully. The aim is slow fashion so every item is carefully designed to be stylish, effortless to wear and timeless.

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As with all our products you get free delivery on orders over £40 and a no quibble returns policy, making shopping with babame safe and hassle-free. Please be aware however that the no quibble returns doesn’t apply to underwear for hygiene reasons. Although trust us once you try these gentle bamboo socks you will be buying more not returning them.