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Bigjigs Activity Ball
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Bigjigs Bella Activity Ball
€12.93   €10.34

Bigjigs Bella Cuddly Large
€13.50   €10.80

Bigjigs Bella Spiral Cot Rattle
€13.49   €10.79

Baby Toys

Baby Toys

Baby & Toddler Toys

Shop our baby toy collection that includes Ecobud dolls, rattles, touch rings, kiddie puzzles and many more.

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Tender Leaf Toys Weather Watch
Grimms Sound and Colour Wheel
€41.58   €35.34
Moulin Roty Horse Activity Spiral
€40.78   €32.62
Moulin Roty Elephant activity rattle
€35.44   €28.36
Green Toys Baby Toy Starter Set
€35.43   €28.34
Moulin Roty Les Pachats Grey mouse doll
€33.70   €26.96
Moulin Roty Sheep doll
€32.62   €26.09
Moulin Roty Les Zazous Hippo doll
€32.59   €26.07
Tender Leaf Toys Patchwork Quilt Puzzle
Bigjigs Wooden Rocket
Sevi Stacking Train Shapes And Numbers
€30.37   €22.77
Moulin Roty La Bande a Basile Blue rabbit doll
€28.07   €22.46
Moulin Roty La Bande a Basile Grey bear doll
€28.07   €22.46
Moulin Roty La Bande a Basile Pink rabbit doll
€28.07   €22.46
Rubens Barn Mini Ecobuds - Basil
€25.82   €21.95
Rubens Barn Mini Ecobuds - Elm
€25.82   €21.95
Rubens Barn Mini Ecobuds - Flora
€25.82   €21.95
Rubens Barn Mini Ecobuds - Lily
€25.82   €21.95
Moulin Roty Monsieur Lappin
€26.99   €21.59
Just B Wee B Ready
€28.07   €21.05
Moulin Roty Les Cousins du Moulin Sheep doll
€25.83   €20.67
Plan Toys Sensory Tumbling Pastel
€25.83   €20.67
Grimm's Set Of Bowls Lollipop
€24.19   €20.57
Grimm's Set Of Bowls Ocean
€24.19   €20.57
Moulin Roty Blue cat comforter
€25.32   €20.25
Moulin Roty Les Zazous Hippo comforter
€25.32   €20.25
Moulin Roty Les Zazous Small Hippo
€25.32   €20.25
Moulin Roty Les Pachats Jittery cat
€24.70   €19.76
Moulin Roty Assorted Rattles
€24.52   €19.61
Moulin Roty Dog ring rattle (new)
€23.90   €19.12
Grimms Mini Rolling Wheel, rainbow
€21.27   €18.08
Moulin Roty Little Albert the sheep
€22.49   €17.99
Moulin Roty Little Amade the duck
€22.49   €17.99
Moulin Roty Little Jeanne The Duck
€22.49   €17.99
Moulin Roty Little Julius the dog
€22.49   €17.99
Moulin Roty Little Leon the hedgehog
€22.49   €17.99
Moulin Roty Little Nini the mouse
€22.49   €17.99
Moulin Roty Little Perlette the frog
€22.49   €17.99
Moulin Roty Little Sylvain The Rabbit
€22.49   €17.99
Moulin Roty Little Walter the dog
€22.49   €17.99
Moulin Roty Mouse comforter 657017
€22.49   €17.99
€22.49   €17.99
Plan Toys Square Clutching Toy
€22.48   €17.98
Moulin Roty Jolis pas beaux Fox comforter
€22.46   €17.97
Moulin Roty La Grande Famille Little Isidore the owl
€22.46   €17.97
Plan Toys Dancing Alligator 5609
€22.45   €17.96
Moulin Roty Dog ring rattle
€22.36   €17.89
Moulin Roty Blue muslin cat comforter
€21.38   €17.10
Moulin Roty Sheep teething ring
€21.09   €16.87
Moulin Roty Assorted Tartempois Rattles
€20.39   €16.32
Moulin Roty Mouse comforter
€20.24   €16.19
Moulin Roty Rabbit comforter
€20.24   €16.19
Moulin Roty Sheep ring rattle
€20.24   €16.19
Moulin Roty Les Pachats Cat activity ring rattle
€19.69   €15.75
Goki Pull-Along Animal Susie Sheep
€19.31   €15.45
Moulin Roty Blue Cat Rattle
€19.12   €15.29
Moulin Roty Grey cat rattle
€19.12   €15.29
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These baby toys are made from high quality sustainable materials responsibly sourced from suppliers all over the world. You do not have to worry about your kid's safety because these baby toys are 100% safe and exceeded European and international safety standards on kids' toys. Each baby toy designed to help develop your kid's fine motor skills and colour recognition. Furthermore, they spark your baby's creativity and engage them in imaginative play. With our baby toy collection, your newborn's mind will be stimulated all the time.

Toys for Babies & Toddlers

With babies and toddlers, only the highest of quality is accepted. In parenthood, it is important to understand and select the best toys and activities for their early learning without dangers. Toys in our baby toy collection have all been carefully selected with children and toddlers in mind and how they can provide the best learning and discovery experiences. After all, baby play is the best form of early learning.

Newborns – 0-6 Months

Playtime for newborns is all about the visual aspect. With time they will enjoy the environmentaround them and develop communication. It is thus important to provide a baby toy that stimulates early learning and develop sensory skills. Soft toys and play mats are the right fit for a newborn baby because they stimulate and encourage the right amount of tactile and sensory development. They are also safe to use and make great company for your little one. Soft toys are perfect for baby kids with their bright and stimulating colours and many textures. These help engage the senses and promote interaction with the surrounding environment. A play mat is also an excellent choice as it promotes sound, eyesight and touch. By engaging with the trinkets, the child will also learn motor skills, develop its nervous system and learn how to cope with temperatures.

Babies – 6-12 Months

At this stage, the baby begins to develop and understand emotions and understand its surrounding environment more. It is also learning to move its first steps and hold objects, therefore toys that promote this are fundamental. A baby toy needs to be loud and flashy, so attract the baby’s attention and encourage it to play. Play gyms together with play mats are the perfect fit! They will teach the child how to walk, grab objects of different sizes, and gradually develop verbal skills.

Gift Ideas

The following is a list of toys that is highly recommended and will be loved by everyone in the family!

  • Soft toys: Suitable for any age and gives great simulation thanks for its range of colours, which are achieved with poison-free pigments.
  • Play gyms: Perfect toddler toys that focus on the sensory, motor, and organisation skills. It differs from a play mat as it has more dangling toys and is therefore more suitable for older children.
  • Play mats: Simple yet perfect. Can be suitable for all ages, including the smallest! These help with stimulation and basic play.
  • Shape sorter: Great activity toys for children. Provides many hours of enjoyment and
    learning of skills like hand-eye coordination and recognition of colours and shapes.