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Whether you are looking for a baby sling for newborn or a baby sling best for toddlers we have considered all the baby slings reviews and we have selected the range of baby slings suited to your little one. If you are looking for a baby sling with rings we have a range of ring slings in beautiful patterns and materials. We also have baby slings carriers designed to support your growing baby right through to their toddler years. All of our baby slings have been rigorously safety tested to ensure they are safe for your baby. If you aren't sure which baby sling will meet your needs we have ten trained baby carrying consultants to help you. Just fill in our sling questionnaire and one of the team will make you a tailored suggestion. 

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Lillebaby Tie The Knot Stretchy Wrap
Baby K'Tan
€49.98   €20.00
Hana Baby Wrap
Je Porte Mon Bebe Sling
Ambit Natalis Solis Baby Wrap
Babylonia Bb Baby Sling
Kokadi Flip Carrier Baby Carrier
€134.94   €79.99
Kokadi Woven Wrap
From:  €50.00
Oscha Japanese Knot Jol Wrap
From:  €65.99
Oscha Ring Sling
From:  €90.00

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Are slings good for newborns?

Yes, yes and once again yes a baby sling is good for a newborn! Babies loved to be carried. They love to feel close to you, to hear your heartbeat. Carrying your baby in a baby sling is often called babywearing, and for as old as mankind it has been done. Carrying your baby in a baby sling will help you bond, will allow you to have two hands-free and get on with daily life whilst still giving comfort, support, and love to your newborn infant.

What are the best baby slings?

The best baby sling is one which is safe, ergonomic and comfortable. When buying a baby sling you need to ensure that it conforms to the latest standards and has been rigorously tested. Not all baby slings have been tested, so ensure that you buy from a sling shop, like us, or reputable retailer.

The best baby sling for a newborn is a stretchy wrap. There are loads on the market, which was more or less started by the Moby wrap. However modern stretchy wraps have moved significantly since the heavy, thick original Moby wrap. We LOVE the Lillebaby tie the knot wrap. It is super lightweight, easy to use and put on, very forgiving and very strong and sturdy. 

  • Are slings good for newborns? - Why use a baby sling
  • What are the best baby slings? _ Find out Which Baby Sling is best for you
  • What age can babies go in slings?

    What age can babies go in slings?

    Newborn babies can go in slings from the moment they are born, provided the sling is suitable from birth (and no complications like premature babies etc.). A stretchy baby wrap normally lasts up to age 6 - 9 months, depending on the quality. After this, they are not as comfortable as a woven wrap or a buckle baby carrier to carry in.

    You can carry your infant up to age 4 in ring slings, woven wraps or buckle carriers, again depending on their size guidelines.

    Always remember Baby Slings Safety - use our HANDS method

    One of the best baby widget and gadgets you can get for your babies, infants, newborns, toddler girls, and toddler boys is to practice babywearing with them! We have babywearing lessons and sling meets every Thursday in our nursery shop, halfway between Dublin and Belfast. Yes, it may be a bit fair to come from Cork but if you live in Dublin, we are just one hour up the road! Learn all about custom wraps, compare all the slings in real life. Yes it's great to read reviews online or look at a carrier rating, or maybe just go for the best sale or offers, but remember not only do we price match everyone, but we also give you the best babywearing advice! We teach you how to carry your baby safely, ergonomically and comfortably. A baby sling is one of the best gifts you can give to new parents. Babies love attention, and to carry them is the most natural thing in the world!

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