ECO GIFT 75 Mystery Box

ECO GIFT 75 Mystery Box

Our Price:  €87.89

Brand:  Limited Editions

Baba Me Mystery Gift Box Luxurious

So what is a baba me eco gift mystery box?
A baba me mystery box is just that! A mystery. These boxes will contain any eco gift from the baba me site. All you know it that is has an RRP value of £90-100. 

The boxes will contain anything from our entire eco range. So it could be a a bath bomb, a diary, a shawl, an eco deoderant, a photo album for example. Good examples of eco mystery box content would be looking at our Eco Gift Hampers, anything in them & a lot more could be in the box! Please feel free to add comments about the receiver in the comments section at checkout, and even a few hints about what they make like. Please also notify us of any specific dietary requirements (eg vegan, gluten free, dairy free etc) in case we choose to add food to the mystery box. Also please let us know of any items you already have.

If these are gifts, and you would like them done 'hamper' style, again just let us know in comments at check out.

These cost £50 and are rrp £60-£65.

These cost £75 and are RRP £90-£100

All smaller items to stuff ideal for teachers gifts, or just to bulk out main presents. £15 for £18-20 RRP of gift items. 

Who are the boxes for?

People who want a surprise and like a gamble, and want some mystery fruity fun in their lives.

Who are the boxes not for?

If you can't cope with getting ANYTHING, then please do not buy. If you might be disappointed and won't be able to cope with disappointment, then please do not buy. This is a bit of fun. If you think you might have something to moan about, then please do not buy.

Can I return the boxes if I am disappointed?

If you need to ask that question, then please do not buy.
We are aware that this is a mystery box and that you are buying items ˜unseen however you are receiving items at a reduced rate. The box being a surprise is half the fun but there may be some items in a box that you may not particular care for. Please be aware that you are signing up for a mystery box and that we are unable to refund you for the box or part of a box if you simply do not like the items. A full refund will be made for anything that is faulty or has been broken in the shipping process. This is inline with the Consumer Contracts Regulations formerly Direct Selling Regulations UK. Please do get in touch with us if you have any queries.

What if I buy 2?

We have made 'sets' of boxes. If you buy 2 or more, we will ensure you receive different sets, if bought at the same time. If purchased at different times then we cannot guarantee this.

What brands are included?

Every brand on our site!

Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes. This is for fun. That is it. You get what you get and you don't make a fuss. If that is not you, these are not for you :-) You might get the gift of your dreams, you might get your most hated gift. 

And no, they probably won't come in a box. If you can't cope with that, again this is not the item for you ;-)

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