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At what age do you introduce bath toys?

Transform bath time into an enjoyable experience through play and exploration with bath toys. Know when to introduce bath toys and tips on how to use them for a fun bath time.

at what age do you introduce bath toys

Bath time is a bonding moment between parent and baby. It’s not necessary to bathe newborn babies because they don’t really get that dirty. Actually, spending too much time in the bath can dry their skin. But as they grow older, bath time can encourage parent-child bonding. Whether you’re bathing your little ones in the morning or at the end of the day, having the right bath toys can transform the entire experience into something enjoyable and fun.

You can introduce bath toys to your little ones in their first few months but they probably won’t play with them. However, every baby is different. Some babies like having something to play with while bathing because it reduces their anxiety. Bath toys can also help them get excited for bath time so there won’t be a struggle. There’s really no harm in bringing bath toys to your tub because most of these toys are safe.

Bath Toys for Babies

As previously mentioned, there is no need to introduce bath toys during your baby’s first few months. However, if you feel the need to bring in bath toys, for example when your baby doesn’t really want to get wet, you can set up cups that you can use to pour water over them. Be prepared for those adorable smiles and giggles. A natural rubber teether can double as a bath toy and something they can chew on when your baby’s teeth start coming in.

Rubber toys without holes like Oli & Carol natural rubber toys are great because they are easier to clean and they don’t end up with mould inside.

Bathtub Toys for 6 months

6 months is generally the best time to start introducing bath toys to babies. At this age, they already have good head control and hand-eye coordination. They may have also developed their fine motor skills so they can grasp on objects. Also, they are able to sit upright by themselves and start to show signs of interest in toys.

Bath toys also provide great opportunities for learning and exploration. At 6 months, your babies begin to appreciate and recognise bright colours. They start to play with bubbles and enjoy filling and emptying containers.

Bath Toys for Toddlers

When your child gets older, you can choose any bath toy that interest them as long as these toys are water-proof, don’t have any batteries and safe. They can bring pretty much any toy they already own like diggers, dump trucks, tea sets and plastic figures.

Toy boats are popular bath toys as well as toy cards. We love Plan Toys, Green Toys and WaytoPlay range of eco-friendly bath toys. Plan Toys and Green Toys have a range of tugboats, submarines and even seacopters. They’re finished in bright colours so your kids will be entertained for hours on end while bathing. WayToPlay’s toy roads can be used on almost any surface that includes tiles and bathtub. They’re great to combine with other toys and can encourage your child to take a bath regularly.

Everyday items as bath toys

If you are on a budget, instead of buying bath toys you can simply use every items like empty bottles and cups. They everyday items offer hours of filling and emptying fun. Your can encourage imaginative play by letting your child imagine that these daily items are boats or submarines.

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