Arts and Crafts Busy Bundle

Arts and Crafts Busy Bundle

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Djeco Mosaics ButterfliesDjeco Mosaics Butterflies
Djeco Easy Origami Polar AnimalsDjeco Easy Origami Polar Animals
Djeco Kawaïland  StencilsDjeco Kawaïland Stencils
Rex London Magical Unicorn Colouring PencilRex London Magical Unicorn Colouring Pencil

Brand:  Baba Me
Age:  4y
Dimensions:  22x23cm
Content:  Contents: 5 plastic stencils (20 x 20 cm).

Looking for a gift that will keep them entertained?

We have the perfect solution! This selection of arts and crafts kits will keep your little one busy for hours. The kit is great for siblings to share as there is plenty to do, and we've very deliberately picked a range of art activities so that there's something for everyone. It's also fab at keeping children occupied during school holidays or on rainy days at home

PERFECT FOR GIFTING - Can be gifted as a collection or split up for little present fillers or pocket money treats!

IDEAL FOR PROMOTING ARTISTIC EXPRESSION AND WELLBEING - Arts and Crafts play a vital role in play therapy, and we can see why! These activities are a great way for children to unwind and take time away from emotionally demanding routines.

BOREDOM BUSTING -  This unique selection offers engaging activities different to the usual arts and crafts kits out there and is sure to keep them busy long enough for mum or dad to at least enjoy a cup of tea!

This selection of arts and crafts kits makes the perfect gift for any arty child! They also make fab boredom busters, keeping children busy throughout school holidays and on rainy days at home.

The kits are individually packaged so can be neatly packed away between uses, to be used time and time again when your little one needs some artistic inspiration. We have very deliberately picked a range of art activities to ensure that there is something for everyone (the kit is great for siblings to share as there is plenty to do!) and to keep their creative juices flowing!

Colouring pencils are an essential for any blooming artist, and we think that the Rex London colouring pencil kits are perfect for boredom busting or travel kits. These come in a gorgeous but sturdy unicorn cardboard tube, meaning they will look beautiful on your child's desk, but equally are ideal for travel. Pair these with the set of 5 Djeco Kawaland stencils, and your child is ready to create some seriously stylish doodles! Not only will your child enjoy drawing with these, but he or she can also colour in the pictures any way they wish; A perfect accessory when making their own greetings cards, wrapping paper or for illustrating their own story books. Perhaps the stencils could even inspire your budding young writer in creating a new story?

We opted to include Djeco Origami as its something a little different, and makes for a very therapeutic craft experience. This is an ideal craft for your child to share with their older sibling or with yourself, as they may like some guidance depending on their abilities. This set includes everything you need to create a collection of 8 cute paper polar animals!

The Djeco Mosaic Butterflies kit is the perfect, no mess creative fun for your child. This delightful set consists of 2 pre-printed templates that fit neatly together to create a 28cm x 21cm butterfly. Let your children's imagination soar with these colourful self adhesive foam pieces which create a beautiful project to hang up proudly on their bedroom wall or to gift to proud grandparents prompting memories as they grow older and inspire creativity for generations to come!


1. What age group is this bundle suitable for?

The activity kits in this bundle are recommended for children approximately aged 5-10, however, you know your child best!

2. Do these come in one packet or as individual activities?

This bundle is a collection of 4 individual products, so you can easily separate out the items if you'd like your child to complete one activity at a time.

3. Are these suitable for gifting?

Absolutely! These make a great gift in themselves, or you can also split this bundle up as smaller birthday gifts for your child's classmates, etc. These make a great gift and are a little bit different when faced with buying a gift for a child you perhaps don't know very well, since art and craft activities are so well loved by children.

4. Will the kits make lots of mess?

Perhaps our favourite thing about Djeco craft kits is that they are relatively mess free. Forget about felt tips, glitter spills and sticky glue-these kits let your child enjoy creative and imaginative arts and crafts without the need for massive mess. This also makes them perfect to have in boredom busting kits for new big brothers and sisters- a quiet activity to keep them busy while mum or dad tends to the baby.

5. Will my child be able to use these kits independently?

This really depends on the ability of the child, every child is different! For most children, most of these activities might just require you to initially show them how it's done and they can then work away,however the origami may require some assistance. Instructions, including step by step pictures, are included to help.

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