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Armpit Detox: Transitioning to Natural Deodorant

Armpit detox is a term that you might have come across during your research on switching from antiperspirant to a natural deodorant. When we hear the term ‘detox’, the first thing that comes to mind is pulling toxins from our liver. But no, that’s not what armpit detox means. What the term means is restoring our body’s natural balance and weaning off dependence on aluminum-laden antiperspirant.

armpit detox natural deodorant

Why make the switch?

Antiperspirants are loaded with aluminum which blocks our sweat glands from producing sweat. As we all know, sweating is a natural body function that is necessary. When we sweat, our body is getting rid of toxins and regulating our temperature. If stop sweating completely, the toxins that are supposed to be excreted would instead go to our lymph nodes. This is the reason why some people are against using antiperspirant. While there’s no conclusive scientific evidence that establishes that links between aluminum and serious medical conditions, it has been suggested that aluminum may cause detrimental diseases like Alzheimer’s. Regardless of whether this is true or not, the fact that aluminum disrupts an important body function should be a cause for concern. Enter natural deodorant.

Natural deodorant works just like a regular deodorant but without the added nasty chemicals mixed in. Instead of completely blocking our body’s ability to sweat, they neutralise or mask body odour. And unlike regular deodorants and antiperspirants, a natural deodorant does not contain parabens and other chemicals like triclosan.

In addition, most natural deodorants come in eco-friendly packaging. Some come in recyclable glass containers while others in recycled paper tubes.

Transitioning to Natural Deodorant

Some people often equate sweat to body odour. Well, they’re not entirely wrong. It is when natural bacteria that lives on our skin breaks down sweat that we start giving off distinct body odour. We have also been taught that sweating is not a good thing even though it’s a normal body function. These are the reasons why most of us have been using antiperspirants since we were preteens.

If you’ve been suppressing sweat for years by using antiperspirant, you may sweat more than you’re used to when your armpits undergo detox. Everybody has different body chemistry so people adjust to the transition from antiperspirant to natural deodorant in so many ways. When your body finally adjusts, you’ll experience less sweat which would make your transition easier.

Armpit Detox

Detoxifying your armpits is as simple as stopping your use of antiperspirants. Once you stop using antiperspirant, your body will do the rest. Here are a few tips on how to make your detox easy and effective:

Before you start using a natural deodorant, try to go deodorant-free for a few days. Yes, you may sweat and smell but if you’re worried about it you can make the transition during cooler weather.

Wash your armpits regularly to keep it clean. It helps get rid of bacteria that causes body odour and remove antiperspirant build-up. Diluted apple cider vinegar is recommended.

Once you feel that your body has fully adjusted, start using natural deodorant. Apply a small amount to begin with. Adjust the amount if you think it’s not enough and apply it a few times to make sure you are dry and fresh.

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