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Are Vegan Gifts Expensive?

Vegan gift giving should not break the bank because there are many affordable yet amazing vegan-approved gifts.

vegan gifts

Vegan gifts and products

Most non-vegan people are under the impression that vegan products are expensive. So when it comes to special occasions, they stress themselves out if vegan gift giving is in their budget. While thatís true to some extent, itís worth noting that the price depends entirely on the vegan product. For instance, vegan foods like fruits, whole grains and nuts are not particularly expensive and are even cheaper and in fact cheaper than meat. However there vegan products that are more expensive than their non-vegan counterparts especially those that are prepared or processed. Take veggie burgers. Veggie burgers are far more expensive than regular hamburgers because patties in veggie burgers undergo a special process and preparation.

How vegan gifts and products are produced, packaged and advertised

If you are to give vegan food items, yes, they can be expensive in terms of how they are produced, packaged and advertised. Industrial processes that include branding, packaging and advertising take a lot of money especially for vegan food products.

These processed foods contain higher volumes of sodium, artificial additives such as sweetener and flavoring. Preservatives and sometimes supplements are also added for processed food which are costly.

Packaging can also be expensive because these products must be sealed properly since they are processed. In terms of advertising, well, they can also be costly as well. In order for the product to be known, it needs to be advertised and advertising costs can quickly add up.

Most processed foods are expensive due to supply and demand. They are manufactured expensively and sold to a particular segment of the market which is considered a minority. Only a small percent of the population in a country is vegan. For context, about 3% of the entire Irish population is vegan.

This goes the same way to non-food vegan products. Since the target market is small, there is no need for mass production. Plus, some vegan products are especially formulated which can double the cost of materials used.

However, you can still find many affordable vegan products that make for great vegan gifts for special occasions. Personal care products like vegan lip balm, bath salts and bath bombs are not expensive and you can usually buy them as a bundle. Most of these products are handmade by artisans and come in eco-friendly packaging.

Target market for vegan gifts and products

Vegan products are niche which means only a small segment of the population buys them. Itís not financially viable for most companies to make vegan-approved products. However, recent trends show that there are many people making the switch to veganism every year which could indicate an increase in demand for vegan products.

Grow Your Own and Stick to Fruits and Vegetables

A healthy vegan diet consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and any food made entirely from plants, devoid of any animal products including eggs and dairy products. Buying food from your local farmerís market may not be the cheapest option but if you want to save money on healthy food, you can grow vegetables and fruit plants in your backyard instead of buying them.

Unlike animal derived products, plant-based products use less resources. If you can grow your own food, thereís absolutely no need to buy. So, if these examples of vegan products are to be gifted, then they will not be costly at all. You can just buy a hamper and fill it with your own produce and create a DIY hamper full of vegan gifts. Instead of buying prepared food, you can also cook hearty vegan meals from your own recipe that you can share and give as vegan presents. It is only a matter of being resourceful and cost-efficient.

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