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Are party bags necessary?

party bags are they necessary

The necessity of giving out party bags as part of party activities is somewhat divisive subject especially among parents. Some parents think that party bags are a thing of the past because they are a complete waste of time and money while some consider party bags an essential part of every party they attend because it’s somewhat of a tradition. In some cases, parents feel obligated to give out party bags to avoid being called ‘killjoy’ by other parents.

party bags are they necessary

Some kids might expect to receive party bags especially if they have gone to parties where they received them. For parents party bags may look like a bag full of trash but for most kids, it’s a treasure trove.

So are party bags really necessary?

No, party bags are not necessary. They’re completely optional and you can throw parties without them. Handing out party bags at parties is just another way of saying ‘thank you’ to your guests. You can express your gratitude to the party attendees through a simple ‘thank you’ note. You should never feel obligated to give them at your parties.

Having party bags at your parties have way more downsides than upsides. They cost money and while you can buy party bag fillers almost everywhere now, thinking about what you’d buy could take a lot of time and effort. And making up a great loot bag for each kid could be expensive, especially if you’d go for a more eco-friendly route. If you’re on a budget, you might end up buying cheap plastic toys as your party bag fillers.

However, if you feel there’s a need for party bags at your party, then go for it. The decision is entirely up to you. There are plenty of alternatives to traditional party bags that are affordable.

One popular alternative is to make or craft something during the party that kids can take home with them. Papercrafts, finger painting, mask making and decorating are some of the crafts that kids enjoy. You could also have the kids paint their own pottery. There are plenty of paint kits available that include paint that is safe and dries quickly. These activities are great activities that combine entertainment and learning. Honestly, they’re just as fun as traditional party bags and perhaps even more fun for some kids who are into arts and crafts.

Storybooks are another great alternative to party bag favours. There are so many books that are priced reasonably like a 25 book set for less than €10. You can have reading sessions where kids can participate by taking turns in telling stories.

Sweets like cakes, cupcakes and cookies are birthday party staples. While some parents exclude them from goodie bags because sometimes it’s just too much sugar, you can bake your own to make sure that they are healthy treats. For example, you can melt fairtrade organic chocolates for your chocolate cupcakes.

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