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Are Farm Toys Great for Role Playing?

farm toys

Play is so very important for children. It is through play that they learn a lot of skills such as cognitive skills, social-emotional skills and fine-motor skills. This is why toys with developmental value like farm toys should be introduced to children within the first 12 months.

As children grow older and develop a wide range of skills, the games they play also evolve into something more complex like solving simple puzzles and role-playing. So itís absolutely necessary to provide them with developmental toys to supplement their learning experience and make learning more fun and enjoyable.

Pretend play or role-playing opens windows of opportunity to spark a childís imagination and creativity. It also helps little children develop essential skills they need to perform daily tasks like manipulating objects with their hands, exploring their surroundings, using their mind to solve simple problems, expressing their thoughts and interacting with others.

Creativity and Imagination

Farm toys are fantastic toys for role playing. These toys are dubbed as open ended toys because they offer endless possibilities of fun and engaging play. Little children can make their own worlds filled with farm animals, tractors, barn and more. When children engage in role playing, it helps them develop their cognitive skills, ability to reason, fine-motor skills and many more.

Imagination is defined as the act or power of forming a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality. It entails children to act out scenarios, think outside of the box and play. Children often learn about the world around them through creativity and imagination. It helps them understand how some things work and see things from different perspectives.

With imagination and creativity, farm toys such as the Ostheimer Mouse, the Ostheimer Peacock and even the Ostheimer Sail Mast With Lookout for example, become a whole new world for children. There are a variety of ways to play with these toys. For example, children could transform farm animals into anthropomorphic superheroes.

Moreover, children could weave their creative and imaginative stories using farm toys. These stories are open-ended like whatís going to happen to the farm animals or what happens next in the story. The possibilities are endless.

More About Role Playing

Thereís more to role-playing with farm toys than creativity and imagination. Role playing also helps develop a wide range of skills like fine-motor, social, emotional and communication. As farm toys begin to become a whole new world or level of adventure for children, they will also use and develop the small muscles in their hands. Thus, a great venue for their fine-motor skills to mature.

As children also get into character, they learn to socialize and interact with other children their age. This is vital as it helps build a childís character, confidence and dealing with other people. Along with the social skills, children benefit much in role playing by developing their nurturing skills. How they socialize with other people helps in dealing with emotions. It also showcases taking turns, being compassionate and understanding other people.

Lastly, role playing has greatly developed a childís communication, language and way of speaking. When they act out situations or pretend to be someone else's shoes, they are able to express themselves through words.

They can use their farm toys to sing out rhymes or use the farm animals to determine what sound they make on the farm. These simple activities can help build vocabulary.

Children who engage in role play are able to understand other people in the same way that they are being understood. They are able to describe how they feel or express their creativity through effective communication.

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