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All About Lip Balm

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Say Hello to Lip Balm

They say that the second best thing that you can do with your lips is to smile. That is why it is essential to keep our lips moisturized and hydrated. Did you also know that the lips are more prone to drying because they do not contain oil glands unlike some parts of the body? This makes it essential to use lip balms.

The best word to describe chapped or cracked lips is dry lips. These can be caused and brought about by many factors such as wind, dry air and cold temperatures. Saliva can also be a factor in making our lips dry such as frequent licking. Medications such as vitamin A can also be one factor in causing dry and cracked lips.

Moisturizing through the use of lip balms can help heal and reseal moisture. Lip balms can vary from natural and organic ones which can be commonly made at homes or homemade to commercially made ones by leading brands and companies. Some brands add in fragrances while homemades are usually infused with essential oils.

What a Lip Balm Usually Contains

Most commercially produced lip balms contain carnauba wax or beeswax, camphor, cetyl alcohol, lanolin, paraffin and petrolatum. Beeswax is a wonderful ingredient that helps locks and seals moisture along with petrolatum.

Homemade ones, on the other hand, can also be used with beeswax but the most common ingredients are Shea butter, coconut oil and essential oils such as Aloe Vera and tea tree. Even honey can be added as it helps moisturize the lips. These are all natural and organic.

Lip balms that are naturally and organically made are usually free from nasties and synthetic chemicals which makes it more ideal to be used. Parabens are one of the common additives that can damage. Unfortunately, as above mentioned, menthol and camphor can also cause dryness. The more natural the components are the healthier it is for the lips.

Some lip salves also contain SPF protection that protects that lips because even the sun can be a major factor in causing cracked and dry lips. Glycerin can also be found which acts as a humectant. Water is also present but needs an adhering component because it can evaporate quickly.

Moreso, whatever type of lip balm you use, or if you want to personally use homemade ones, they can treat dryness and prevent cracked lips.

Benefits of Using a Lip Balm

Lip balm provides an extra layer of protection on the lip surface to seal in moisture. It protects the lips from external exposure. By using lip balms, we can protect our lips from factors that draw away moisture such as dry air and wind.

With lip balms, people living in cold areas can enjoy the temperature drop without compromising their lips. Sometimes, chapped lips in envitable for people who are always out in the sun or prolonged exposure, lip balms can help smoothen the lips which can also prevent embarrassment.

When lip balm is used, the cells on your lips are smoothen which makes your lips look supple and kissable. Women can also use lip balms prior to using lipsticks which can make their lipstick look way more better. With healthy looking lips, you also appear younger looking.

Other Tips You Can Do to Prevent Dry Lips

Aside from the benefits that you can gain from using lip balms, you can also do one of the following to achieve healthy and supple lips.

  • Reapply as often as needed and before putting lipstick.
  • Drink plenty of water. Hydration matters.
  • Apply lip balm throughout the day even at night time.
  • Use scarf or mouth protection when in cold areas.
  • Exfoliate first before applying lip balms

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