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Natural Personal Care Products

Here at Fluff Heaven, we love Airmid natural skincare products and soaps.

Natural Handmade Irish Skincare by Airmid

Handmade in Ireland using locally grown ingredients which are sustainable and organic, Airmid skincare products’ quality shines through. Each of the Airmid soaps is made using the traditional cold-pressed method with only minimal heat applied and cured up to 12 weeks to ensure high-quality skincare product. Airmid uses only the finest quality essential oils in their blends, and their herbal ingredients are grown by themselves. All Airmid products are packed with high performance botanicals that are gentle even for the most sensitive skin. You can be assured that each Airmid product you buy is free from nasty chemicals typically found in big name brands like parabens and other petrochemicals.

Airmid Soaps & Moisture Bar

Our Airmid skincare product selection includes a wide range of soaps like shaving soaps and foot soaps. Choose from a wide selection of blends like Lavender Tea & Lemon, Honey & Oatmeal and many more. Long lasting soap bars producing rich lather that rinses off easily, leaving no soap residue behind.

Airmid Shampoo Bar

Airmid shampoo bars are great at reducing scalp itching and flaking. These shampoo bars are made from natural ingredients that nourish your hair and giving it an incredible shine. Perfect for travelling because you can easily stuff it in your travel bag.

Airmid Shaving Kit & Accessories

Keep your Airmid soap dry and extend its life with our handcrafted soap dish also from Airmid. We also have a shaving kit from Airmid which is a perfect alternative to commercial shaving cream. If you love travelling, Airmid makes moisture bars that you can carry with you wherever you go.

Airmid products come in biodegradable packaging which is also made from recyclable materials, further reducing environmental waste. From foot soaps to shaving soaps, Airmid has something for everyone's skincare regimen.

If you are looking for natural handmade personal care products, look no further than our Airmid collection.