Agnes & Cat Wax Melter Set

Agnes & Cat Wax Melter Set

by Agnes + Cat
Our Price:  €16.87

Brand:  Agnes + Cat
Size:  10 x 10 x 9 cm

100% Natural | Vegan | Eco- Friendly

Agnes + Cat Wax Melt Set

This gorgeous set makes a lovely gift and is a wonderful way to introduce yourself or others to Wax Melts.

A great alternative to fragranced candles these beautiful Ceramic Diffusers are made from high-quality ceramic and make a very attractive decoration in any room. Simply pop the wax melt in the top and light the tealight underneath. Then sit back and relax as the wonderful aroma of Agnes and Cat's artisan fragrances fill your home.

Plus you get a lovely soft glow from the candle.

When you are done simply blow out the candle. The remaining wax will solidify ready to light again at any time.

Each diffuser comes with 4 soy wax melts: 

  • Sea salt & Moss - A subtle, clean, refreshing, uplifting scent that is perfect for any occasion. Think the fragrance you get that lets you know you are by the sea. It has top notes of tangerine, grapefruit and sage, mid notes of seaweed and sea salt and bottom notes of cedarwood, musk and amber. 
  • Tea and Roses -  A traditional British fragrance with the heady floral scent of an English country garden combined with a nice cup of tea. It has top notes of tea and citrus, middle notes of rose, rosewood, jasmine and lavender, and bottom notes of white amber.
  • Rhubarb Rhubarb  - This is the perfect scent for all ages. It's one of the strongest and most popular scents in the range. Just like rhubarb and custard sweets. It has top notes of peppermint, middle notes of rhubarb and bottom notes of vanilla.
  • and Parma Violet - Strong notes of violet flower, just like the sweets. With top notes of violet flower, middle notes of rose and freesia and bottom notes of powdery violet and iris.
 Available in two colours: pink and green. Please note colours will be picked randomly.

Agnes and Cat Soy Wax is a great eco-friendly alternative to paraffin wax. It throws scent beautifully, is better for the environment and burns for 30-35% longer than paraffin wax.

Each melt will last for approximately 15 hours and when you have finished the set you can buy more from the fabulous Agnes and Cat range.

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