Agnes + Cat Small Kilner Jar Candle - Clementine

Agnes + Cat Small Kilner Jar Candle - Clementine

by Agnes + Cat
Our Price:  €17.58

Brand:  Agnes + Cat
Dimensions:  11x11x15 (cm)
Weight:  0.18Kg

  • Eco-friendly natural soy wax candle.
  • Long burn time of up to 35 hours.
  • Beautiful plastic free packaging.

Agnes + Cat Small Kilner Jar Candle - Clementine

Divinely scented and beautifully presented natural soy wax candle with a 35 hour burn time.

Hand Poured in small batches and finished with a laser engraved wooden lid, this new smaller version of the classic Agnes + Cat Kilner Jar Candle is more compact and affordable, making it a great gift, but still gives a long burn time and comes just as beautifully packaged.

Soy wax candles offer a great, natural and environmentally friendly alternative to paraffin or synthetic wax candles. They have a great throw, meaning they disperse the fragrance beautifully and burn evenly and cleanly so you don’t get lots of wax left at the sides of the jar or any of the toxins you get with paraffin.

Clementine is a juicy scent that’s sweet and fresh. In fact, it smells good enough to eat. There are top notes of apple, lemon and bay, middle notes of orange blossom and rose, and bottom notes of clove and vanilla. Yum!

To make the most of your candle always read the directions, do not burn continuously for too long a period of time and make sure the wick length does not exceed 10mm.

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