Agnes & Cat Himalayan Bath Salts

Agnes & Cat Himalayan Bath Salts

by Agnes + Cat
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Brand:  Agnes + Cat
Dimensions:  20x15x8 (cm)
Weight:  0.5Kg

Looking for a way to relax and unwind?

Agnes & Cat Himalayan Bath Salts are made with pure essential oils that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Bathing in salt has been valued for its health benefits since the time of the ancient Greeks. Bathing in salt relaxes muscles, draws out toxins, promotes better sleep, and heals skin.

✓ Calm the mind and promote restful sleep.
✓ Experience the health benefits of bathing with salt
✓ Relax your muscles, draw out toxins, and heal skin with just a few minutes in the tub.
✓ Helps you relieve from muscle tension.
✓ Get the relaxation you deserve in just 30 minutes

You can use this himalayan bath salts in your own home spa experience by adding them into warm water while taking a hot bath or shower after work or on weekends! Relaxing in a hot tub filled with Agnes & Cat Himalayan Bath Salts, you'll be able to forget about all your worries, as if they were never there in the first place. This product comes from nature itself - it's 100% organic! Bathing with salts has been valued for its health benefits since in the time of the ancient Greeks.  Bathing in salt relaxes the muscles, draws out toxins, promotes better sleep and heals the skin. When it comes to health, safety always comes first so we made sure our products are free from any harmful chemicals or preservatives that might harm your skin or cause allergies.

✓ Soak in a hot bath with Agnes + Cat Epsom salt and let the stress of the day melt away.
✓ Environment and sustainable ingredients.
✓ Calming properties and may help relieve anxiety and improve the overall quality of the sleep
✓ Wooden scoop included for easy dosage.
✓ Mixed and packaged in small batches in the UK.

Are you stressed out?

Agnes + Cat bath salts are packed full of natural minerals that help relax your muscles and draw toxins and impurities out of the body.

Each type of salt has lightly different amazing natural benefits:

  • Himalayan salts are well known for their ability to help you to detox. Calming the mind and releasing toxins from the body.
  • Epsom salts are perfect for easing stress, relaxing tired or strained muscles and eliminating toxins. They are also great for encouraging a good nights sleep.
  • Dead sea salt is particularly good for hydrating, exfoliating and regenerating the skin as well as releasing toxins and can be very soothing for sensitive or irritated skin.

These natural bath salts are hand packaged in Sheffield and come with a wooden scoop you can use as a measuring tool, making them a lovely gift as well as the perfect treat.

Purchase this Himalayan Bath Salts today and get the relaxation you deserve!

Agnes & Cat is a Yorkshire-based company that produces eco-friendly, award winning range of candles and bath products that are made using natural ingredients. The company has been going for over 10 years with the founders original idea being to create a candle which would fill your home with a scented fragrance.  With scents based on the surrounding nature, Agnes + Cat creators have partnered up with Ancient Wisdom Marketing to promote and produce their products. The products are exactly the same and we will keep bringing out new beautiful, eco-friendly products!


1. How do I use the Bath Salts?
The fragrance can be enjoyed in a few different ways. You can stir it into your bathwater, but it also works great in a foot soak or as an inhalant to ease congestion due to allergies or asthma.

2. How much should I use?
Just add two scoops to your bath, allow it to dissolve, lie back and enjoy?


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