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Hi, I’m Maebh! Back in 2003, with my husband (Pete) and two children (later four), I had a dream of creating a one stop shop for all your natural parenting needs here in Ireland. Fed up of the rat race I quit my job as an accountant and starting selling cloth nappies, much to most peoples horror! All I ever got was, what cloth nappies? Do people even use them anymore? We started in a 3 room cottage, no I don't mean 3 bedrooms, I mean 3 rooms... Stock was kept everywhere, under the bed, in the shower, piled 10 boxes high on the kitchen table! As not just me, but more people discovered the benefits of raising children sustainably, our business grew and we found a small unit just over the border in Jonesborough. Like our product range, our business grew and grew  and over the years we have expanded and moved 5 times! 

.When you asked us for nappy advice back then, you got 5 long handwritten pages of nappy advice from me! We are slightly more efficient now, but we still take great pride in giving tailored, personalised advice. Gone are the days of painfully waiting on dial-up for orders to download, but we still give a whoop everytime someone chooses to shop with us!

As I had more babies, I became adept at baby carriers and trained as both a Tragescule Certiled and Slingababy baby carrier consultant. Now, all of our staff are trained baby carrier consultants and we run classes in our shop to help people find the perfect baby carrier for them.  We are known throughout Ireland for our expertise in this area, so if you are looking for a carrier, then talk to us!

Thats Pete carrying our youngest child, who was born in 2006! Our eldest child is a trained baby carrier consultant and our warehouse manager! We like to keep it in the family!


As our family grew, quite naturally so did our product range. We both wanted to use sustainable and ethical products, and it felt a natural extension to our 'natural baby shop'.  It's kinda hard to describe our shop... when people ask me I just say erm... anything sustainable, natural, plastic free and ethical we will probably have it! We aim to make sustainable living easier for people. For me, for sustainability to grow and prosper, we have to find great products which make peoples lives easier, without destroying our planet, and without costing the earth. And now, that is my job, I'm constantly seeking out stuff I want to use myself, and that's how we find our products for our store!

Our motto has always been, be the change. We strive to always be planet positive and we strive to help families like us, make those small steps to sustainability, without any guilt! We also strive to have amazing delivery times, amazing customer service and amazing advice both on this site, and in our group on facebook. Pop in and say hello!








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