A Slice Of Green Kadapa Set Of Three Containers

A Slice Of Green Kadapa Set Of Three Containers

by A Slice of Green
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Brand:  A Slice of Green
Material:  Stainless Steel
Packaging:  Paper Band
Country Of Manufacture:  India
Capacity:  250ml / 150ml / 100ml
Dimensions:  5.5cm high x 10cm dia / 5cm high x 9cm dia / 4.5cm high x 8cm dia
Dishwasher Safe:  Yes

Do you need a set of containers for your kitchen?

You can use these containers to store anything from cereal, nuts and seeds and dried fruit. With three containers and a stainless steel lid, this set will help you save space in your kitchen.

✓ Save money by buying bulk items and filling your containers at home 

 Get organized with these three round containers

✓ Help the environment by using less plastic 

Opt for a waste-free lunch, picnics or go plastic-free when going to bulk stores for refilling nuts, berries with this amazing Kadapa in Set of Three Containers by A Slice of Green.

✓ Three small and round stainless steel containers.
✓ For space-saving, each container can be nested.
✓ Made with India's 201 food-grade stainless steel.
✓ Ideal to use for storing small quantities of food.
✓ Set of three containers with stainless steel lid.

These containers are perfect for storing small quantities of food.

With India's superb 201 food-grade stainless steel, this set of small round containers allow you to store any of your favorite dishes, snacks or salads without rusty taste or alter in flavors. The set when not in used can be nested inside each other to save space. 

From the biggest size down to the smalles size, all are made BPA, phthalates and lead SAFE with the stainless steel lid for a plastic-free experience. The edges are rounded for safety and each of the containers holds different capacity. This set is suitable for all foods but not ideal for very wet foods such as salad dressings.

Order your own A Slice Of Green Kadapa Set Of Three Containers today!

A Slice of Green is a Canadian company that sells ethical products, such as organic clothing, fair trade coffee makers and sustainable toys. Since 2007, A Slice of Green has been providing customers with the opportunity to live more sustainably by selling goods made from recycled materials and organic cotton. The company's sister site; green tulip- a website focused on contemporary ethical gifts- was established in 2005.


1. Where are they made?
Made from high quality 201 food grade stainless steel, this lunch box is free from plastic, BPA, phthalates and lead. It's also 100% recyclable!

2. Is this dishwasher safe?

3. How do you clean stainless steel lunch boxes?
Simply wash with dishwasher then follow with a hot water rinse.

4. Are stainless steel lunch boxes safe?
YES, with 18/8 stainless steel, packing healthy food is an easy and toxin-free as it gets.

5. Can you microwave the stainless steel lunch boxes?
No! Putting stainless steel on microwaves can damage it seriously.

6. What are the dimensions of each stainless steel lunch box?

5.5cm high x 10cm diameter - 250ml capacity.

5cm high x 9cm diameter- 150ml capacity.

4.5cm high x 8cm diameter - 100ml capacity.

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