Green Toys Play Mats & Tools Dough Set

Green Toys Play Mats & Tools Dough Set

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Brand:  Green Toys
Age:  2y+
Type:  Play Dough
Material:  100% recycled plastic
Packaging:  Cardboard printed with soy inks
Country Manufacture:  USA
Dimensions:  11.25" x 8" x 3.5"
Skill:  Fine motor

  • Spark creativity and imagination.
  • Improve dexterity.
  • Improvement of sensory motor.
  • Development of fine-motor skills. 

Playing with dough can be anything! It is your child's fantasy outlet.

Keep their imagination and creativity active and up with this adorable playmats and tools dough set. Your little one can come up with beautifully prepared food such as spaghetti, burger or any thing that they can think of. This set features Eco-friendly extruder, spaghetti extruder, scraper, knife, roller, rollin cutter, scissors and many more.


Size: 11.25 cm x 8 cm x 3.5 cm

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