BumGenius Freetime Nappy

BumGenius Freetime Nappy

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Its a onesize, all in one cloth nappy so no more stuffing! Multiple layers of stay dry lined microfibre make this a very simple to use cloth nappy, and also quite quick drying.
: BumGenius Freetime
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Why BumGenius Freetime?

Bumgenius Freetimes are our best selling real nappies. This all in one, birth-to-potty nappy is about as close to a disposable as it gets, in terms of ease of use! No prep, no need for nappy liners- it can go straight from the clothes line on to your baby's bottom! We find this a popular option for those new to reusable nappies, for sending to daycare etc. Once again BumGenius have carefully designed this nappy, with semi-attached inserts that drastically decrease drying time. Collector of printed nappies? BumGenius regularly release beautiful limited addition prints The Freetime really does tick all the boxes!

Adjustable size, will fit from approximately 8-35+lbs* Stretchy tabs* provide a custom fit.

Microfibre inserts, topped with inbuilt stay dry liner to keep baby feeling dry. Boosters can easily be added for heavier wetters or overnights.

Stretchy tabs* provide a custom fit.

Gentle leg elastic contains the mess!

*Fit is approximate and may vary depending on size & shape of your baby. 
U.S. Pat. 8,409,163; 8,062,276; 8,777,915; D708,319; D708,320; D708,321; D708,739. Chinese Invention Patent No. ZL 201280044006.8. Other U.S. and International patents pending. 
Designed by a mom. 
Made in the USA of domestic and imported materials.

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