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Wool Hat With Detachable Flower Brooch - Green
Wool Hat With Detachable Flower Brooch - Green

Wool Hat With Detachable Flower Brooch - Green

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Wool Hat With Detachable Flower Brooch - Green

The best thing about autumn is that we can wear hats and scarves and look incredibly stylish surrounded by radiant tints of seasonal beauty. These lovely hats in autumnally-inspired hues are hand-knitted from 100% wool and coloured with natural dyes. Not only that, they have a gorgeous detachable crocheted brooch in a complimentary shade to wear either on the hat or on clothing. The successful company that makes these amongst other delightful items, employs nearly four hundred artisans who get paid for piecework, as well as over fifty administrative staff. All employees have health insurance. They also supply felt articles that come from traditional techniques, and still today people from the village area wear felt dresses, boots and use blankets made this way. They use 100% sheep wool, cotton lining for bags and recycle wool again and again. They also use solar power and donate money to the local community, whilst providing the funds for three children's education. The hats are beanie-style so fit snuggly and look fab with a decorative rope stitch incorporated into the design. With or without a flower, these hats are timeless and ageless. 

Why we love this product!

Natural, no chemicals
Hand-knitted from 100% wool
Available in three autumnal and complimentary shades

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