Tidlo Superheroes
Tidlo Superheroes

Tidlo Superheroes

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Tidlo Superheroes

Meet the Tidlo Superheroes!

    Set of 5 brightly coloured superheroes with capes
    Flexible arms and legs
    Both male and female superheroes
    Encourages role play
    Superhero Height: 12cm
The superheroes are:

Tim - Super Tim's special skill is invisibility.
Ivy - she can summon the power of plants to help ward off nasties.
Dan - Dan the man is the group leader and can turn baddies into rock
Orla - She might look soft and gentle on the outside, but don't be fooled, as well as being a top notch fighter, Orla is a healer, bringing her buddies back to health!
Lee - Oftern reffered to as volcano Lee, as he summons volcanoes to help in their missions.

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