Rubens EcoBuds - Daisy
Rubens EcoBuds Daisy

Rubens EcoBuds - Daisy

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Rubens EcoBuds - Daisy
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Rubens Ecobuds Daisy

Rubens Barn Ecobuds Daisy


Rubens Barn Ecobuds are a gorgeous collection of ragdolls. All of the Ecobuds are made with 100% organic cotton. That includes their hair, bodies, stuffing and clothes. This is the perfect doll if you are trying to reduce your own carbon footprint and you are looking for an ethically produced doll. These dolls are designed in Sweden and produced in a family run factory in China.

Rubens Barn Ecobuds are suitable from newborn and up. Their clothes are printed with delicate details and they have individually hand sewn details including tiny toes for your little one to count and beautiful delicate eyes.

Ecobuds love holding hands with little people and joining them on their adventures as they take on the world. They are soft and cuddly, nobody can resist as cuddle from these cute dolls. The perfect eco ragdoll for a boy or a girl, their soft hair will be touched and rubbed by little hands and their rosy cheeks will match their human friends!


We are delighted to have the Ecobuds range at Baba Me. They join the rest of the popular Rubens Barn range we stock. They are 35cm long and weigh 150grams, the perfect size for a new companion! There are 4 Ecobuds to collect Daisy, Hazel, Iris and Aspen. Which one will join your family first?!

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