Rubens Baby Carrycot
Rubens Baby Carrycot "4 in 1"

Rubens Baby Carrycot "4 in 1"

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Rubens Baby Carrycot "4 In 1"

The Rubens Barn Doll Baby Carrycot is in a denim colour fabric with a small pink polkadot trim. It can be used in four different ways. As a baby carrier/sling on your little ones front, it can also be worn on their back. It can be used to carry your Rubens baby with the handles and your Rubens baby tucked safely inside with the cover over them. And lastly it can be used as a baby changing station. There is space inside to add the Bottle and Soother set and also to store a spare cloth nappy! This set will delight every Rubens Barn Baby owner as they can take their baby with them easily and just pop them on their back if they get too heavy!

Rubens Barn Baby Dolls joined the Baba Me family in January 2017. We launched with three ranges, the Baby Dolls, Cuties & Ecobuds.

This range of accessories compliments the Rubens Barn Baby range of dolls. We stock 6 Baby Dolls in total. Emma, Erik, Max, Nils, Molly & Nora. They have been incredibly popular and I know that this range of accessories to match these lovely handmade dolls will be incredibly popular. All designed in Sweden, this gorgeous range of clothes and accessories are easy for little people to use and put on and off. They might end up with a better wardrobe than you! From pyjamas to bottles, carrycots to baskets we are sure youll find something for your Rubens Barn Baby Doll.

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