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Re-spin Plain Wool Throw with Fringe - Dark Grey
Re-Spiin Plain Wool Throw with Fringe - Dark Grey

Re-spin Plain Wool Throw with Fringe - Dark Grey

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Plain Wool Throw with Fringe - Dark Grey
: RSW009
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Feature: Re-spiin
Re-Spiin Plain Wool Throw With Fringe - Dark Grey
130 x 170 cm

The ReSpiin cushions and throws are made from recycled wool. 
Unwanted clothing is collected through recycling programmes around the world, and shipped back to India for sorting and reworking. Although initially this seems a long way for the clothing to travel, it is actually an advantage for the many container ships returning to India to have some weight on board.
Once it arrives in India the clothing is sorted into fabric type and colour. Our supplier uses wool and wool mix clothing only and the resulting fabric is a minimum of 65% wool, 35% other fibres (usually polyester and nylon). The clothing is cleaned, broken down, made into fibres, spun into yarn and then woven into fabric. The fabric colour is a result of the original wool fabrics - no dyes are added.
Our supplier is an SA8000 certified organisation. The SA8000 standard is one of the worlds first auditable social certification standards for decent workplaces. It sets out the requirements to be met by organisations, including the establishment or improvement of workers rights, workplace conditions and an effective management system. Audits are carried out annually. They are also compliant with ISO:9001:2008 quality management system standards.

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