1000ml Vision Blue
Punc bottles 1000ml Vision Blue

1000ml Vision Blue

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: 1000ml Vision Blue
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Punc Bottles 1000Ml Vision Blue

This Vision Blue 1000ml (1 litre!) Punch Stainless Steel Water Bottle is the perfect size for thirsty people to stay hydrated on the go all day. It comes with a sip lid so it is easy to drink on the go. If you prefer you can drink straight from the bottle, the mouth is really wide so you can easily pop some ice cubes in to keep your water, smoothie, juice etc cool. We love these reusable bottles from Punc, they are funky, stylish, lightweight & perfect for encouraging your resolutions to drink more water while doing your bit to save the planet. These are a great size if you have a big family, a few of these stashed in the car will quench any thirst!


These eco-friendly and convenient Stainless Steel bottles from Punc are perfect for bringing with you in the car, pram or a schoolbag to keep you and your loved ones hydrated and happy all day long. The bottles are made from Food Grade Stainless Steel so you can use them to store water, juice, smoothies, formula, breastmilk and even alcohol (the 750ml Punc bottle would be perfect for keeping your wine safe!) They are designed to last a lifetime. They are perfect for sending to school with your little girl or boy as even though they are really strong, they are incredibly lightweight (a 750ml bottle weighs less than the average banana!)

We are delighted to now introduce a lovely range of Stainless Steel Bottles and other Eco Home options to Baba Me. Punc Stainless Steel bottles are designed in Ireland by Trish Mulvaney and John Cavanagh. Punc bottles are made in China in an environmentally responsible factory. The stainless steel used to produce Punc Bottles is BPA-Free and non-toxic. The bottles contain no phthalates, lead or any other harmful substances, the stainless steel used in their production is food grade.

Punc bottles love to be washed by hand at the end of the day. If you have left your tea in one for a few days (its ok, we all do this) and it has stains simply rub a paste of baking soda and vinegar in and it will leave it as good as new. Punc bottles have a lovely ergonomic design which makes them easy to carry and easy to hold.

Why choose Stainless Steel? Plastic bottles NEVER break down, some may be recycled but most simply end up in landfill, where they will still be sitting for at least the next 100 years from now. Buying a Punc Stainless Steel Bottle means you just buy one bottle, once. It will last you a lifetime and help you do a small part for our planet. You can make the switch over with your family easily one bottle at a time from Baba Me.

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