Plan Toys Beehives

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The plan toys beehive play set comes with 6 wooden hives and their colour matching bees in beautiful rainbow colours. It also comes with a pair tweezers (pincers) to grab the bees and put them into a hives (or you can use finger and thumbs) which helps develop fine motor skills, colour matching and counting. Your toddler will soon find how to play with them. The bees are quite small so are not suitable for a young baby

Children can use the ethical toy to play in many ways, including playing games and taking turns, stacking the bee hives in lots of ways, using a hive to hide a bee game. You will find children can find 101 games to play with these! As the child matures, the way they play with this wooden toy will develop into more sophisticated playing, so what can look like a very simple concept toy, years later can still teach the children new skills.

This is one of the favourite toys at Baba Me, and it's clear to see why! This has everything you need to be a great all round favourite wooden toy, from bright colours, to sustainable wood sourcing. All plan toys are made from sustainable rubber wood (the wood left over from the rubber industry) with Non-Formaldehyde Glue and non toxic water based paints are used on them.

Plan toys is a brand synonymous with wooden toys that help with child development in a sustainable way.

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