Pink Daisy Stay Dry Pads Large
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Pink Daisy Stay Dry Pads Large

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: Pink Daisy Stay Dry Pads Large
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Pink Daisy Stay Dry Pads (Large)

Get rid of that sticky sweaty plastic feeling and help the environment with Pink Daisy's Stay dry pads. 

The extra length of the large pads means they are perfect for night-time use when you need a little more capacity and coverage but they are still slim enough to be comfortable for daytime use if you have a heavy flow. 

The triple layer system comprises a fleece top layer to wick away moisture, a super absorbent inner layer to keep you dry and a waterproof, breathable, laminated polyester backing to stop any leaks. Leaving you naturally dry and "fresh as a daisy". Plus they come in a range of beautiful prints to put a smile on your face.

The powerdry fabric is certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which is a European ecological certification process that tests fabrics for over 100 harmful substances.

These reusable cloth sanitary pads are made in the USA and have been designed by women for women. The range of sizes means they suit every woman from the first period to mild incontinence. 

Wash pads before first use then simply place patterned side down in your underwear and use the snaps to hold them in place. The snaps can also be used to keep a clean pad folded neatly in your handbag and wrap used pads if you aren't able to rinse them immediately. 

  • Small: 8" x 3" (for light flow days or added confidence if you are using a cup)
  • Medium: 10.5" x 3.5" (for regular/heavy days)
  • Large: 13" x 3.5" (for heavy flow and night times)
Pink Daisy also make organic pads with a 90% organic cotton topper, perfect if you are sensitive. 

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