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Pink Daisy Organic Cotton Pads Small
Pink Daisy Organic Cotton Pads Rainbows

Pink Daisy Organic Cotton Pads Small

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: Pink Daisy Organic Cotton Pads Small
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Pink Daisy Organic Cotton Pads (Small)

Pink Daisy's Organic cotton pads have the same super absorbent core and breathable, waterproof polyester backing as the stay dry pads but with a 90% organic cotton, 10% polyester top layer. Giving you a more natural layer next to the skin which is perfect for those with sensitive skin. 

The small pads are 8" long making them ideal for light flow days and perfect for young girls. They also work really well if you want a bit of back up and extra confidence when using a menstrual cup or tampons. 

Say goodbye to sweaty sticky plastic and hello to feeling "fresh as a daisy". These reusable cloth sanitary pads are soft, absorbent and easy to use. The wings and snaps make securing them in your underwear and keeping them neatly folded in your handbag a breeze. 

Designed by women for women and made in the USA there are three sizes available to suit every woman's needs. 

Wash pads before first use then simply place patterned side down in your underwear. Pads should be changed every 2-6 hours depending on your flow. So you might want to get a little wet bag for days when you are out and about. 

  • Small: 8" x 3" (for light flow days or added confidence if you are using a cup)
  • Medium: 10.5" x 3.5" (for regular/heavy days)
  • Large: 13" x 3.5" (for heavy flow and night times)
Pink Daisy also make Stay Dry pads with an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified Powerdry fabric top layer. To wick away moisture and keep you feeling dry and fresh all day. 

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