PHB Brightening Moisturiser
PHB Ethical Beauty Brightening Moisturiser

PHB Brightening Moisturiser

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Brightening Moisturiser
: PHB044
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Feature: 50ml
Feature: | 100% Natural | Handmade
Feature: | Vegan | Halal

PHB Brightening Moisturiser

PHB's Brightening moisturiser is handmade with Licorice and Immortelle which brighten and boost skin for a glowing and even complexion.

Blended with nourishing Argan oil and stimulating orange that encourage supple, hydrated & vibrant skin.

Rich in Glabridin, Licorice extract helps target and eliminate dark spots, as well as reducing hyperpigmentation. Licorice aslo has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that soothe and renew skin.

Immortelle has powerful and unique regenerative properties that promote healthy, balanced and even skin.

PHB (Pure, Handmade, British) is an ethical company that donates 20% of its profits to charity.

They make 100% Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Palm Oil Free and Halal Certified beauty products. And use eco-friendly packaging that comes from post-consumer recycled sources

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