1. Our Generation Lusitanian Horse

Our Generation Lusitanian Horse

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Our Generation Horse to add to your Our Generation Dolls Collection
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Hay there! Just as your child probably rhymes about wanting their own pony, most 18-inch

dolls would also like to have their own pony - and who wouldn't want this fabulous

Lusitanian Horse from Our Generation? This beautiful grey toy horse will turn everyone's

head with its beautiful tack, including saddle pad and saddle, bridle and reins. This dolls' toy

pony will provide great entertainment for any 18-inch doll and, when the fun and games are

over, there's a delicious apple and carrot as just rewards. Yummy!

* Horse suitable for any 18-inch (46 cm) doll (doll not included)

* Comes with: saddle pad, saddle, pair of stirrups, carrot, bridle and reins, apple, grooming

brush, hoof scraper and canteen

* Size: 55.9 x 12.7 x 45.7 cm

* Suitable for children aged 3+ years

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