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Muah! Embroidered Sequin And Bead Purse

Sealed with a kiss, this party-perfect purse boasts an amazingly intricate design based on Pop Art and is a very clever take on Roy Lichtensteins WHAAM! image. The front is covered with thousands of sequins and tiny beads that have been threaded and sewn by hand to create a gorgeous and playful accessory. The reverse is a plain sky-blue neatly woven cotton and inside is a tactile and silky satin lining complete with a small pocket. It will match any outfit. LOVE from us x

Supplier Info: This small supplier in Delhi employs just eighteen people in their factory. Employees are provided with interest free loans for home or education requirements and the company is closely involved with their local community. They celebrate Diwali at work with a huge party and give out festival bonuses. They hope to have solar power at their premises and are currently working on several projects to increase productivity in the workplace as well as improve the factory environment. They are a small-scale organisation with limited resources and a small work force, but they are extremely focused and work together through all and any uncertainties. They believe in full utilisation of what they do have to work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Why we love this product!

    HandmadeFair TradeBeautifully embroideredPop Art designWill match any outfit

Dimensions:  W: 25cm D: 1cm H: 18cm

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