In our cloth nappy facebook group, I recently asked our members "when you first started to use or considered using cloth nappies, what were a few of your "fears"? How did you move past them? What advice would you give to someone considering cloth nappies now?

The answers were quite wide ranging and reminded me of the day, oh sooooo many years ago (18!) when I first entered the world of washable nappies.

The main theme of the responses was POO. What to do with it? Could they cope with it? The fear and thought of putting it in the washing machine. Having changed and washed more cloth nappies than I care to remember I kind of forgot those early initial fears of poo and how to deal with it as, quite honestly, once you start using cloth nappies you just get used to it, kind of instantly.

Here is a summary of the responses we got, with some very very very useful tips to deal with those fears.

The Poo fears:

Poop in my washing combat that, disposable liners until you get comfortable with the cloth nappies. Poop really doesn't faze me now As a parent the reality is you are going to have to deal with poo one way or the other anyway. Whether when changing a nappy or trying to extract baby from a poopy sleepsuit because the disposable has failed to keep it in. Unless you plan on throwing out every poopy baby grow or every pair of your jeans that get it during a change, your washing machine will have to deal with poo!

I was afraid of the poo! But since using cloth, poo is a lot less of an issue than it was in sposies when we often had pooplosions!! Once you have decent storage for dirty nappies the rest is a breeze. A tight lidded bucket or a good quality wet bag helps keep stinks in check. And you don't have to store dirty nappies for two weeks in your dustbin.

Poo - I was completely grossed out by the idea of fleece liners. Thought disposable would be the way to go. Realised they were useless, converted to fleece ones and just hosed them off in the bath with BF poo and once food poo appeared I dunk and flush before hosing any remnants or overspill off. There are options that can work for everyone. Some like disposable liners, some like fleece, some find both to be more hassle, you will find what works best for your family.

My only concern is poo nappies when out. With disposables you can change on park benches and anywhere really. But with a poo cloth nappy I'm assuming you have to go to a bathroom to do it. Actually, no! You can deal with a poopy nappy then and there if you have the means to do so, but you can just fold the nappy in half, zip it in a decent wet bag to trap stinks and "deal" with it when you get home.

The poo and staining! My shower hose reaches my toilet though so it just rinses off, no poo in my washing machine! Lol. No stains so far either If you do find stains are an issue you can combat most simply and effectively by pegging damp nappies on the washing line, even on an overcast day the sun breaks down stains like magic, and it is free!

Definitely poo! 
So I used disposable liners until lb had solid poos that just tip off into the loo.
Interestingly enough, your not supposed to bin poo in a disposable either. You're supposed to scrape it out into the loo! It is true. Even disposable nappies aren't meant to be binned when containing solid waste.

Other Cloth Nappy Fears

I was worried that people might think they weren't a clean option and be very judgemental and that the washing would be awful. With hindsight this was so far from reality. Many people find that they don't see an increase in washing, despite having nappy washes to do, clothing needed to be washed less as there were fewer outfit changes due to nappy failure.

The start up costs. Lots of sleepless nights trying to make the right decision. It doesn't have to be expensive, you can pick up some bargains, there are various more affordable options, you can build up your stash by buying a few nappies at a time, or you can buy pre-loved. Some councils have incentive schemes where they offer cash-back on cloth nappy purchases.

I didn't understand how people would buy second hand. do now If you are happy that you can wash nappies clean then pre-loved shouldn't put you off. The beauty of cloth nappies is that they can be used over and over again, and on more than one child. Pre-loved nappies often hold their value and have plenty of life left in them. If you want to try a few different styles to make sure you buy the type that suits your family best, Cloth Nappy Libraries are a fantastic tool to allow you to do that.

Trying to get the right fit always worried me-for the first few weeks I wondered if I was making new a mistake switching to cloth (3.5 months old) but it didn't take long to get it right. Now my biggest fear is worrying I won't take enough nappies out & about with me so I end up taking too many  
My advice is try a few brands, ask for help and watch videos to get a good fit, and don't listen to anyone criticising your choice to use cloth-people will always have something to say whatever parenting choices you make! There will always be people who think that they have a right to judge your parenting. Hey ho! Having a few contingency nappies when out and about is never a bad plan!