Indigo Jamm Pots n Pans set
Indigo Jamm Pots n Pans set

Indigo Jamm Pots n Pans set

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Indigo Jamm Pots N Pans Set

If you€Ave bought any of the fantastic wooden kitchens that Baba Me stocks, then you€All know about the great range of accessories that come from them. (The Indigo Jamm range along has three to choose from €‚“ the Kitchenette Diner, the Mini Cooker and the Lynton Kitchen) €‚“ but if your child is really into their cooking, they€All always need more pots and pans! The fabulous Pots n Pans set from the Indigo Jamm range is a beautiful, painted (this is the turquoise version), 5-piece pots 'n' pans set with retro styling. This wooden toy pot set €‚“ which is perfect for every wooden toy kitchen €‚“ comprises a casserole pot, open pan, spatula, roasting tray and the essential double oven glove! (Fabric chicken not included.)

  • 12.6cm x 7.9cm x 3.6cm

  • Suitable for children aged 3+ years

Indigo Jamm Wooden Toys arrived at Baba Me HQ in February 2017. It€As a beautiful, award-winning range of retro, thoughtfully-made wooden toys, where the focus is on quality. From beautiful, sturdy wooden buses to lovely wooden kitchens, the Indigo Jamm range also comes with little wooden peg people, who can fit into all of the products and can facilitate your child€As roleplay. Made in Thailand and China from sustainable materials including rubber wood and birch plywood, the Indigo Jamm range is finished off with safe non-toxic paints and stains. All of the toys can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and left to dry naturally. Baba Me is so proud to stock Indigo Jamm and we can€At wait to see what this brand brings us next!

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