HOLZTIGER Squirrel standing
Holztiger Squirrel standing

HOLZTIGER Squirrel standing

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Squirrel, standing, orange
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Holztiger Squirrel Standing

The fantastic rusty red squirrel is a perfect little creature to add to your toy chest! With delicate painted features and a wonderful wooden tail this wooden animal will soon become a firm favourite in your home. His favourite things to collect are acorns and crumbs of food off the floor, so bringing this little dude into your home will benefit everyone!

7.5cm x 1.9cm x 6cm

These beautiful Wooden Animals & Figures are made from native beech and maple, both hardwoods from Europe. Each piece is handcrafted using sustainable wood to a high standard, as you have come to expect from everything we stock here at Baba Me. The Holztiger range is perfect for ages 3 years and up.

The Holztiger Wooden Animals & Figures are all hand finished. They are hand painted with nontoxic water-based acrylic paints and are all sealed with a nontoxic water lacquer. This means that they can be safely chewed on and can also be wiped clean with a cloth. Holztiger wooden toys are chunky and easy to hold. The wood is warm and it feels wonderful to hold, even for adults! Your little one will have hours of fun with these animals and figures as they add personalities to each piece. Soon every single animal will be a treasured member of your family.

Let your child bring these figures to life with their play, moving on they are also the perfect introduction to Waldorf and Montessori Education. We love pairing them up with our Oldfield Farm. Why be conventional add a cow, a polar bear & a dinosaur to your little ones farm for hours of imaginative fun. Have a themed bedroom? Add some Holztiger animals for decoration and play all in one. We have found that its not just the kids who love to collect the Holztiger animals.! Start your collection of Holztiger Wooden Animals & Figures today!

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