Himalayan salt lamp - Various Sizes

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: Himalayan salt lamp - Various Sizes
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Himalayan Salt Lamp Various Sizes

Soothing, natural & attractive lighting that looks beautiful in any room. Great night light, perfect for those who need help to get to sleep. Beautiful ambient lighting that doesn't cost the Earth! 

We at Baba Me care passionately about protecting the environment. That's why our salt lamps come with LED light bulbs as these cut electricity consumption, carbon emissions and energy bills by 90% or more while giving just as much light. And the bulbs last longer because they don't overheat. 

Indicative savings (UK 2017): For a large salt lamp left on 24 hrs a day, switching from tungsten to LED light bulbs could reduce bills by as much as £45 per year. 

Himalayan salt is rock salt or halite formed 250 million years ago in what is now the Punjab region of Pakistan. As these lamps are made from natural materials and one piece of salt each will be unique in shape and colour. 

Impurities and trace minerals in the salt give the lamps their characteristic pink and red colourations. 

Made in Pakistan

Himalayan salt lamps provide a beautiful ambience of light to any room but did you know they are said to also provide benefits to your health? The salt chunks they are made of are said to release negative ions that clean the air and when inhaled helps produce serotonin. This, in turn, alters the mood of a person. This has yet to be proven, but in the end, Himalayan salt lamps are beautiful and provide a warm mood and aesthetic value to any room in the house or in your office. Yoga practitioners often use salt lamps in the rooms where they practice as the ambient pink light sets a relaxing mood. Note the lamps we sell come with an LED bulb, to extract benefits you can easily change the bulb to a NON LED to heat up the lamp and release the negative ions.

What Exactly Are Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps, or salt lamps for short, are pinkish salt chunks from an area around the Himalayas (on the Pakistan side) that give off a pink aura when lit up by, say, a light bulb. When paired with a light, they make a beautiful and supposedly health beneficial lamp. The salt chunks do indeed have a pink hue. They get this colour from the other two percent of minerals that its made up of. The other ninety-eight percent is sodium chloride. Once mined, the chunks are shaped and hollowed out to allow for the lightbulb. Other types of salt lamps include the same Himalayan salt except instead on one large chunk, they are many pieces of Himalayan salt sitting in a mound on the light bulb.

What Are the Health Benefits of Salt Lamps?

Although none of the health benefits has been proven to actually be provided by salt lamps, there are many and many of our customers have found excellent benefits from them. As mentioned above, Himalayan salt lamps may improve your mood by altering serotonin levels. They may also be beneficial to those suffering from depression due to the ions released. At least, that�s what's claimed by some.

They can clean your air. In turn, any respiratory or breathing diseases you may have been dealing with would be lessened to a degree or non-existent after using salt lamps for a while. With cleared airways and a sound mind, sleeping would be much easier as well. Because they clean the air around, they would also benefit those dealing with allergies and help with asthma-related symptoms. Again, none of this has been proven. What we do know is that their aesthetic value and beautiful pink ambient light are highly popular among many types of people.

One of the biggest things our customers have found is that they aid sleep, both for them and for children who have trouble sleeping. Put the lamp on a few hours before bed time and it may help your little one sleep all night.

Do Salt Lamps really work?

One thing for sure is that they look beautiful and compliment any room. As for their health benefits and ability to clean the surrounding air, we are not claiming that they can do so, but we have many hundreds of happy customers who have found they make a huge difference. Most people will get them because of their soothing ambient light and their gorgeous aesthetic appeal rather than for the health purposes. If you ask anyone with a Himalayan salt lamp why they purchased it in the first place, likely they will tell you because they look nice rather than explain the supposed science behind them. However, there are some people that use them for their ability to release negative ions, and clean the air, aiding sleep and clearing away damp.

What exactly are Negative Ions?

Negative ions are airborne molecules typically present in certain areas such as by waterfalls and beaches (created by the moving air and water), where they would be in the tens of thousands. Consider that when comparing to an office or home setting where they would be in the hundreds. Once inhaled they are said to assist in the production of serotonin, giving a person a euphoric like feeling or just makes them feel much better. Negative ions are also said to help nullify depression symptoms because of the serotonin that they�re said to assist in producing. Negative ions are also believed to speed up blood flow.

Fake Vs Real Himalayan Salt Lamps

Typically, fake salt lamps, or lamps not from the actual location of legitimate ones from the Himalayan region of Pakistan. Our lamps not only come from the Himalayan region, but they are sustainable, fair trade and highly ethical. You can trust us to ensure that on every step of their journey, the highest ethical codes have been met to bring you these lamps.

How Durable are Salt Lamps?

True Himalayan salt lamps are fragile. Salt is fragile in general so the same would be for anything made of salt. It may take a knock and get a little bit chipped, but thats fine, it's just salt. And yes, if you lick your hands after touching the lamps, they will taste of salt!

Why Else Do People Use Salt Lamps?

To put it simple, people use Himalayan salt lamps because they look nice in any room. They have a gorgeous aesthetic appeal and provide a soothing ambient light. They are just perfect for a living room or any room made for relaxation, even a yoga room. At night, use them on your nightstand for a soothing atmosphere in your room. They can be placed almost anywhere and come in many sizes. Many people don�t even put any attention to the supposed health benefits of salt rock lamps. Those people love them for their look and overall appeal. One of the best places for salt lamps is bedrooms, clear the air, help with migraines and helping to sleep better are some of the benefits many have found with genuine salt lamps.

Are Salt Lamps Beneficial for Depression Symptoms?

A Study by Columbia University shows that negative ions do help people with depression just as much as prescribed antidepressants do. Better yet, there are no side effects to negative ions. However, it is still not proved that negative ions have any significant effect on the human body or mentality. The studies are interesting nonetheless and many of our customers have definitely reported that it has helped them.

The Bottom Line about Himalayan Salt Lamps

Although they may release negative ions, it is not fully proved out that they do, or even that the number of ions released has any benefit. One thing for sure is that these lamps make a stunning addition to any office or room. They work well in many settings which is why they are so popular. Most people buy them purely for their aesthetic value so if they do help cleanse the air, that�s a big plus.

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