Grimms Wooden Gem Purple 2018 Edition
Grimms Wooden Gem Purple 2018 Edition

Grimms Wooden Gem Purple 2018 Edition

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Wooden Gem Purple 2018 Edition
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Grimms Wooden Gem Purple 2018 Edition 
This purple is the colour of the year so Grimms have released a number of special limited edition items which will only be available in 2018. This is a purple gem on a wooden building block which can be balanced and counter balanced in many ways. Combine with other wooden blocks or even the Grimms friends to create endless building possibilities children will love. Whilst testing out how to balance the block in various formats, children will learn about balance and their concentration skills and hand-eye coordination will be improved.

The wooden block is a traditional toy which has endured generations as it allows for open-ended limitless play and this gem will give that extra dimension to that play. Families who follow Waldorf education or Montessori will love the multi-purpose toy. Made from Lime wood and dyed with non-toxic dyes which leave a very tactile finish which means this toy will not slip and allows the natural grain to show through. The block has been oiled with a plant-based oil. 

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