Grimms Pastel Building Boards
Grimms Pastel Building Boards

Grimms Pastel Building Boards

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Pastel Building Boards
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Grimms Pastel Building Boards 
Whilst for many, its all about the Grimms rainbow, for me I prefer the pastel rainbow from Grimms, the colours are just divine, soft and subtle and these pastel boards make an excellent addition to that range. The boards can be used on their own for building or counting fun, or combined with wooden blocks to build towers or bridges. They also fit perfectly with the Grimms 12 piece rainbows so you can make boats or learn about balance. Children will have hours of endless educational fun which fires up their imagination, maybe today they will just make patterns but tomorrow they could be used to build a rocket!

For families or nurseries who follow the Waldorf play or Montessori styles, these are a perfect addition, along with the traditional wooden block the open-ended play possibilities and literally endless!

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