Grimms Gnome's Bungalow
Grimms Gnome's Bungalow

Grimms Gnome's Bungalow

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Gnome's Bungalow
: Grimms 07390
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Grimms Gnome's Bungalow

Grimms Gnomes Bungalow consists of 3 beautifully finished and unique wooden pieces that will provide hours or sensory fun and open ended play for your little one. In lime green and 2 shades of blue where these blocks take you is up to you! They have hand painted on shapes, doors and windows to open up conversations about magical worlds and have endless stacking possibilities!


Grimms Wooden Toys are a family run company that produces beautiful heirloom toys. At Baba Me we are so proud to bring you a huge range of these beautiful toys to add to your play collection. You may have heard of Grimms Wooden Toys already as they are now famous for their large Wooden Rainbow Stacker (which we of course stock!)

They are produced using a mixture of Alder, Lime, Maple & Beech trees. The wood is all sourced from sustainably managed forests. The colours and oils used to give the Grimms toy range their beautiful finish is harmless and can be safely played with by little people of all ages! The entire Grimms Wooden Toy range can also be wiped clean “ essential for all toys in our opinion! They are perfect from birth right up to 100 years old!

At Baba Me we have been passionate since we started about bringing you top quality wooden toys at affordable prices. We believe Grimms Wooden Toys sits well in our range. They are high quality and every single piece is unique “ that is the joy of wooden toys. Wooden Toys are wonderful for little people to hold, smell and feel. Wood provides a wonderful sensory experience for all. When your little people have moved on with their toys, these Grimms pieces will become wonderful decorations in their room “ ready waiting until the next generation plays with them again!

We stock Grimms Wooden Toys for all age ranges at Baba Me. We love how versatile the toys are offering hours of open-ended play for your little ones. They are ideal for an introduction to Montessori or Waldorf Education, encouraging your little ones imagination at every stage. Check out the gorgeous Wooden Teethers, the colourful Wooden puzzles, the fantastic Wooden Stacking games and of course the amazing Wooden Rainbows.

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