Grimms 12 Pastel Friends
Grimms 12 Pastel Friends

Grimms 12 Pastel Friends

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12 Pastel Friends
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Grimms 12 Pastel Friends 
The Grimms rainbow friends are one of the most popular from the Grimms toy range, and now they are in pastel rainbow colours, beautifully toned down and dyed (with non-toxic dyes) to perfectly match the Grimms pastel rainbow range. We recommend the friends to be one of the first items if building up your wooden toy collection, as when you add a little friend into the mix a child's imagination will run riot! Children have hours of endless fun whether it's turning them into fairies, colour matching or even just learning to count or share. These will really help communication skills as they encourage social interaction and teach them how to play.
The simplistic style makes this a perfect Waldorf open-ended toy the peg dolls are left with no features to allow the child's imagination to create them.

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