Goula Calendar Clock
Goula Wooden Calendar Clock

Goula Calendar Clock

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A fantastic educational toy from Goula, a brand known for their high quality sustainable wooden toys. This calendar clock has many different features and aspects to it. From teaching the time, to the date, the day, the month, the season and the weather. It can be moved along each day by the child helping them to understand how the time and day progresses.

This bright, colourful and tactile clock will help teach children the concept of time, and how to tell the time to identify the day of the week and even the season. Whilst this is great in a classroom it also suits the family who can help with the education work done at school.

The clock has a red hour and minute hands which can be moved easily and independently. The minutes are marked around the edges of the clock, sectioned into 5 minutes sections. The black numbers are the hours and in the centre is the 24-hour clock.

At the bottom, there is a slider which can be moved to show the weather of the day - a great way to start a conversation and help with communication. At the side is a swivel clock teaching the rotation of the seasons whilst either side of the clock shows the day and the month, with the dates along the top. All of these can be easily moved along by the child each day, reinforcing the concept of time and its progression through the year.

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