The Flip™ nappy system is quite possibly the most flexible and versatile nappy system ever! Featuring a soft one-size cover that grows with your baby and the choice of three ultra absorbent inserts, Flip lets you customise for work, home and play. 

The Flip™ nappy system is a two part nappy that includes a beautiful Flip™ waterproof cover and inserts that provide the nappy with absorbency. No stuffing is involved with the Flip™ nappy, just tuck the insert under the flaps of the waterproof cover. 

This is a birth to potty nappy meaning that it grows with your baby and can be used from newborn until your child reaches 35lbs (approximately 2 years of age). There are three rows of three snap closures at the front of the nappy. When the snaps are in the smallest position they are suitable for newborns and as your baby grows just increase the size of the nappy by changing the position of the snaps. 

When it is time to change the nappy, remove the insert and store ready to be washed. The outer cover however, can be re-used up to 5 times depending on how soiled the nappy has been. Simply wipe the inside of the cover and replace the insert. 

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Flip Disposable Inserts V2 (18 pack)
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Flip Daytime Organic insert 3 pack
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Newborn Flip Insert (6 Pack)
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Flip Cover
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Flip Cover Hook & Loop
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Flip Potty Trainer Pad: 3-Pack
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Flip BTP Starter Kit
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Flip Training Pants Kit
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Flip Organic Insert (Overnight)
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Flip Stay Dry Insert
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