Eco bath London Hemp Massage Glove
Eco bath London Hemp Massage Glove

Eco bath London Hemp Massage Glove

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Eco bath London Hemp Massage Glove

Using an exfoliating gloves helps to reinvigorate dry, tired skin. Use wet or dry to slough away dead skin cells and leave your body soft, glowing, and ready for summer!

This shower mitt is made from natural hemp fibres which are woven to form a textured surface, softer tan the Flax Massage Glove. Apply as much pressure as you find comfortable and massage skin to leave it luxuriously soft and smooth. Not only does this remove dead skin it increases blood flow leaving your skin looking and feeling soft and smooth.

To keep the natural hemp in tip-top condition make sure it is rinsed well after each use and hang it to dry. Avoid machine washing, but the occasional air on the washing line on a sunny day will keep it in great condition!

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Eco bath London Flax Massage Glove
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