Cuppanut Tea Infusions

Coconut has become a must-have superfood, whether is as coconut oil, coconut water or just about through any product with coconut in, and Coconut tea infusions are just another fantastic way to enjoy the health benefits from real Coconut.

These herbal teas are made with no artificial colours or flavours and are caffeine free. Gluten free and dairy free. They quite simply coconut flakes infused with herbs in biodegradable tea bags. You can choose just coconut or have the cranberry infusion or the ginger and turmeric infusion, either one is simply delicious and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Cuppanut was launched by Gareth Gates (from pop idol), and his desire to have healthy tea which would provide you with superfood benefits. The pure coconut flakes provide medium-chain fatty acids, combine with ginger and turmeric for natural anti-inflammatory properties or cranberry for good cardiovascular health and you have superfood in a mug! So whether you go for just coconut, or infused with cranberry or turmeric and ginger, Cuppanut is sure to provide a perfect cuppa for you.

Why we love Cuppanut Herbal Teas

Gluten free / caffeine free / dairy free
Biodegradable tea bags
Make in UK in Bradford West Yorkshire

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Cuppanut Coconut & Cranberry Infusion 15's
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Cuppanut Coconut, Ginger & Turmeric Infusion 15's
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