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Ben & Anna Natural Vegan Deodorant - Paper Tube
Ben & Anna Natural Vegan Deodorant - Paper Tube

Ben & Anna Natural Vegan Deodorant - Paper Tube

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A fabulous range of vegan deodorants from Ben & Anna, a vegan couple from Germany who desired to make a more natural deodorant they both could use. Choose from pure unscented or one of their fabulous natural scents. A strict vegan couple with a desire to find a suitable deodorant which was vegan, not tested on animals, without aluminium and sustainable led Ben & Anna to create this, which is made from natural ingredients and free of parabens, and is unisex.

Pink Grapefruit - A slice of heaven with a sparkling smell that makes you feel good. The extracted grapefruit unfolds as the deodorant is applied to the skin. Anna has a particular affinity for this amazing fragrance combination and will be quick to tell you that this is a must have for your next holiday trip.

INDIAN MANDARINE - A Deodorant, that embodies the sensuality and charm of India. The blaze of orange and the pleasant freshness of citrus are combined perfectly to captivate your senses.

PERSIAN LIME - All fresh ingredients and a scent of lime. With its bright green colors it doesn’t just look full of freshness . Definitely the best selling deodorant of our range. For men and women alike.

VANILLA ORCHID - Flowery-sweet vanilla awakens the senses. And the relaxing and beneficial properties of marigold with its naturally soothing effect is particularly well suited for sensitive skin.

PROVENCE - Blue Violet is the color of lavender blossoms. Wonderful relaxing and amazingly refreshing. The only better way to experience the scent of this deodorant would be on a stroll through the countryside in the Provence and South of France.

NORDIC TIMBER - Warm and fragrant. Astringent with cedar and a nuance of Palmarosa. Naturally we are enamored by this combination of aromas. Ben in particular really likes this scent – and I love the scent on him …

PURE - For the purists among us, completely scent free. Still 100% effective. Fresh, dry and as with all other Ben & Anna Deodorants, totally natural.

The natural soda deodorant from Ben & Anna uses the natural effect of bicarbonate of soda to deodorise without blocking your pores. The arrowroot powder naturally dries and ensures that the excess moisture is absorbed so your armpits feel nice and dry.

Ben & Anna’s natural deodorant sticks have a solid consistency thanks to shea butter and soda. They go on smooth, never greasy or sticky and they leave the skin feeling great. Since we do not use any chemical stabilizers, we recommend storing the deodorant at room temperature. High temperatures tend to soften. If the product liquefies due to high outside temperatures, we recommend placing it in the refrigerator for a bit.

  • Protects against moisture and odor
  • Never greasy or sticky
  • No aluminium, PEG’s, Parabens or Phthalates
  • Vegan, cruelty-free & gluten-free

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