Artisans Fair Heather Frosted Pillar Candle Large

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Heather Frosted Pillar Candle Large
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Artisans Fair Heather Frosted Pillar Candle Large This hand-poured pillar candle has been handcrafted with a frosted finish, the colour of crushed heather and lavender flowers. Made with 100% sustainably sourced palm wax, it doesnt contain paraffin, any animal-derived ingredients, or artificial fragrances. Even the wick is 100% cotton. It's designed to be kind to the earth and burn cleanly “ producing minimal soot and smoke. The air will be as sweet and clear as ever, so you dont need to worry about what youre breathing in. And your food might even taste better, too!

This eco-friendly marbled pillar candle looks modern and striking standing on its own, or would make a brilliant light inside a lantern. Each candle lasts for around 140-150 hours, so theres plenty of time to enjoy your evening yet.

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